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Clean cut edges eliminates finishing operation
Changes incorporated easily at low cost
Easy Repeatability
Endless Customization
Higher Accuracy
Higher Productivity
Ideal for prototyping with no tooling cost
Low distortion on work piece
Material savings by reducing scrap
Minimal heat affected zone
Non-contact process reducing wear or breakage
Reduction in setup time
Suitable for Prototyping
Superior Quality

Sakthi Laser Technology was founded in 2008, now has transformed in to one of the most pioneer Laser Cutting service provider in Ambattur Industrial Estate. “Customer Ecstasy” is Our Motto. We work with our customers to achieve their business objectives by providing them with innovative best in products, prices, services and solutions. Sakthi Laser Technology is Managed and operated by
highly experienced personnel who are in field for more than two decades. Our work area is around 7,200 sq ft with the EOT facility of 10/3T capacity.
Laser cutting of metals is laser's most common and most beneficial industrial application. By means of a laser cutting machine, metals with complex profiles and contours can be easily and seamlessly cut. Its high quality cutting capability and fast cutting speeds eliminate further processing of metals, reduces production cost and improve productivity of certain companies using this technology.
Laser Cutting is suitable for high volume and low volume production lines including prototyping, as it provides for cost optimisation by increasing productive efficiency, higher accuracy and eliminating material wastage as its Non-contact technology process reduces wear or breakage and set-up time.

We at Sakthi Laser Technology offer our customers quicker set-up time, process jobs swiftly and provide solutions in a timely fashion to the utmost satisfaction of customers.